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For Right holders

The allyslide.com resource is publicly available to Internet users and operates in compliance with applicable laws, a link to downloading a particular copyrighted material can be replaced by a link to an online store or to a page highlighting the acquisition of this material.


If you want your presentation to be deleted from the site and be its author, write to our mail allyslide@gmail.com

Content Claims

We draw your attention to the fact that regardless of whether access to content will be prohibited and whether it will be removed, Allyslide.com may attempt to send a written notice indicating the contact details of the person submitting the claim, The Member who posted such content and / or take other reasonable steps to notify the Participant that, That allyslide.com received a statement of alleged intellectual property infringement or other infringement in connection with the content.

According to our policy, we can also, in appropriate circumstances, at our discretion, disable and / or close the Participants' accounts, Which one or more times violated the rights of third parties or placed other illegal content.

The administration of the resource does not exercise full control and can not be responsible for the information placed by users on the resource allyslide.com. At the same time, the administration of the resource negatively concerns the violation of copyright in the territory of allyslide.com and, therefore, With joy, ready for cooperation with authors and copyright holders.

If you are the author or owner of property rights that are violated - immediately notify the administration of the allyslide.com resource!

In reports on violations of copyright and other rights, please inform:

1. About the right object:
- the name of the object of law;
- the official website on the Internet (if available).
2. Information about the copyright holder:
- name of the legal entity;
- the official page of the copyright holder on the Internet (if available);
- contact person of the legal owner (full name, position, e-mail)
- data of the person filing the complaint (full name, position, e-mail)
3. The essence of the claim:
- the address of the site page (file download page) that contains infringing information;
- Description of the essence of the violation of rights.

For questions regarding inappropriate content, messages or a security risk, allyslide.com's product brand policy, please contact allyslide@gmail.com