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A Perspective on Christian Dating Dating has permeated many countries, crossed cultural barriers and has reinvented itself so many times differently to cater to the sensibilities of local populations. The roots trace back several hundred years and are most probably in the developed countries of today. A significant portion of these countries have Christians as their population. Christianity is the largest faith in the world. So Christian dating was probably the first dating culture and we shall see how much it has changed from the original rules it had been set to follow. Christian dating was done previously among the small private communities that centered around the village and the church. Online Dating India Now it has grown in a huge way with people using online dating to date Christian singles all over the world. The common rule whatever the form or age it was done is that, one has to date only other Christian singles. This was the most basic rule and is expected to be implemented even today by the traditionalists. But now the situation has changed and people are looking to date other religions and faiths. Pure inter-religious dating was very successful with marriages that lasted very long. The worrying aspect nowadays is the high divorce rate among the developed nations where Christianity rules the roost. So is it the failure of the marriage system or the dating system which sets up the marriage. There was no problem with the marriage system previously, families religiously attended the churches regularly, there was respect in communities and the bible was followed with a deep intent. So the problem must with the hitching system. More specifically, the way singles are looking for prospective partners. There seems to be an apparent rush in choosing and deciding a soul mate. Every time couples date, they feel that they have got their ‚one’. If they realize they are not the one, they would switch to another one, but if the marriage happens before the switch, it will be doomed and the marriage obviously results in a divorce. Dating India The main reason people are not able to look at the truth if they have the right partner is because of the recreational sex that is involved pre-marital. Christianity condemns this and treats it as a sin. Keeping the sin part for another discussion, bonding physically definitely clouds judgment of people and this is the ground rule that has to be discussed further for its merits and de-merits. With 50% of the marriages failing, the christian dating scenario is looking bleak unless the singles try to reason with their forefathers logic in searching for a partner. Dating India