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Egg donors a best option for anovulatory cycles Woman undergoes many changes in her life, which are also affected by lifestyle she follows. It can be stress or poor diet, which can affect here healthy menstrual cycles to go hay wire. A menstrual cycle is said to be unhealthy when the ovaries fail to release the egg. These are called anovulatry cycles where the egg is not released and due to which the chances of conceiving are absolutely zero. Although there are gonadotrophin injections available which may help you to ovulate, egg donation but even with this if your egg quality is not good, it becomes an obstacle instead. In many cases PCOS, is the only condition seen. It is called polycystic ovary syndrome, where a woman body do produces many number of small follicles, but her body won’t support its maturation, and hence it affects the ovulation. So egg does not reach the maturation state and hence is not released at all. In such cases egg donors can be a great help. If the woman is unable to produce egg due to PCOS, a donor’s egg is used and is fertilized with sperms in a Petri dish. This is nothing but IVF, which is also called as test tube baby procedure. The healthy eggs are taken from healthy donor and then the fertilized embryos are allowed to mature and the blastocysts formed and they implanted after 3 to 5 days after the procedure. Call “The Egg Donor Program”, to find best egg donors.