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The Trail of Chinese Clothing History The Costume in the Han Dynasty In the history of the Han Dynasty (286BC-8AD), people wear a black in order to match their clothes with the ornament of purple silk for their ceremonies. In the merged of Eastern and Western of Han Dynasty which has the Qin Dynasty (221-206BC) , they wear a costume in order to pleased gods as well as with their ancestors for helping them on their everyday life of existence. An empress wore a costume which has the combination of dark-purple of garments with black pants. The important colors in wearing their garment in spring are cyan, on the summer of the first two months they wear a red and yellow for the last month of it. In the autumn they wore white likewise in the winter they wear black. In the Han Dynasty, the female laborers were always wearing a short jacket with long skirts and always putting a decorated of hanging long waistbands on their knees. On the other hand, male laborers wore a jacket with calf-nose trousers together with aprons on their garments which the same on farmers, workers, businessman and scholars at that certain time of the era. The Costume in Tang Dynasty In the unified and prosperous period of Tang Dynasty, costume in the Tang Dynasty plays a very importmant role in Chinese history of clothing. The dresses of the Tang Dynasty were mainly made of silk which were famous for softness and lightness. One of important features of chinese clothing in Tang Dynasty is how women’s dress and personal adornments of the Tang Dynasty were outstanding in entire China’s history. The clothing materials were exquisite, the structure was natural, graceful and elegant, and adornments were splendid. Though the forms of garments were still the continuation of the Han Dynasty (206BC-220AD) and the Sui Dynasty (581-618), they were more influenced by cultures and arts of the Western Regions. In that period,The trades and cultural exchanges with Korea, Vietnam, Japan, Persia and other countries gradually became frequent, and they reciprocally dispatched emissaries and accepted students of other countries. In this way, a special open and romantic style of dress and personal adornments for women was formed. Actually,The garments in the Tang Dynasty also greatly affected the garments of neighboring countries. For instance, Japanese kimono adopted the elites of the dresses of the Tang Dynasty in terms of colors and the Hanbok (traditional Korean clothing) also adopted the advantages of the dresses of the Tang Dynasty. The Chinese Cheongsam Dress Chinese Cheongsam also called a Qipao dress is the archaic style of the garment were cultural or racial entity of the Manchu group in the early time of China when the first rulers of Manchu moved the capital into Beijing. This tells the history of the Manchu dynasty linked to China which they started of the unification of ethnic apparel within the Central plains were cheongsam began to spread and display on that certain period. Women wear a cheongsam while men wore a long gown with a mandarin jacket on the upper body. In the Chinese history as the year of 1930’s, the cheongsam dress considered as the attire for folk women and women who are students, workers and even the highest class of women in society dressed in cheongsam. As well, this cloth became a formal array when attending a significant occasions of socializing and conciliatory activities in which extend in the foreign countries. Cheongsam were renowned and sometimes when its sales in Japan and France, the local women were grateful with warm welcome on buying a Chinese cheongsam with a first-rate style and design which made of black with velour interlined and embroidered with golden flowers on it. The reason why most of the Chinese people usually female loves to wear a chinese dress, it is because of the style which fits the curved of the body. As well, by its simple and natural lines that gives an impressive style for both old and young women. This type of dress can be made with a garment material of woolen and made of silk floss, its either a long or short type of style of cheongsam with unlined or interlined with absolutely a different kind of style and various materials. In a way cheongsam dress has its own symbol when it comes to design and element, for instance like Cheongsam with floweret with an essence of the plain of lattices with thin lines which indicate as the beauty with exigence and femininity. A cheongsam which made of brocade are striking in the eyes and head turner when attending in any occasions as well as welcoming guests and banquet affair. Cheongsam draw a national symbol in Chinese culture of a female conservative dress which determined as of now. 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